Instruct Me How to Douglas

Jedi on vacay

I’m just trying to date you

I’m not trying to be anybody’s mom

So pick up after yourself

And put on a fucking condom


don’t ever mess with people who have their read receipts on those people are not afraid of anything 

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Generic nice guys bore me to tears! I don’t see why anybody would want to see just people being nice. Arthur has so many flaws that he has to go through a series of lessons to become the man that we know he’s going to become. It’s still a learning game for Arthur at the moment, before he becomes the man of legend. I love the fact that audiences are about to go on that journey with me.

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"He/She has a boyfriend/girlfriend" (or any variation of) is never an acceptable response when your significant other expresses any feeling of insecurity towards someone you talk to or spend time with.

Oh, Madonna.

Oh, Madonna.